About Me

Argentic Creations began over 30 years ago as a collaboration between my sister-in-law and me. It started out as buying way too much wire and baubles for two people to reasonably use to make jewellery for themselves and their families. Markets and craft sales become our venues to reduce inventory and support our habit...buy more beads!  Our skills and designs grew. 

Today it is owned and run by me, Paulette Young, now mother to 6 and grandmother to 2.  I continue to make sterling silver jewellery, and have since added weaving, spinning and knitting to my skill set and product line. 

My latest venture, t-shirt design, is my first online store. Stemming from wanting a shirt to represent the love of my crafts, I began designing.  I soon realized that my family has a lot of interesting and fun hobbies to showcase on a shirt. 

The first shirt I put in my store was just using the word "Argentic" - of or containing silver, chemical symbol Ag from the latin Argentum - since that's where it all began.  Not far behind was Knitting/Yarn (of course) and then Math and Pickleball.  All facets of me. 

I have a lot of ideas spinning around in my little brain, and a lot of family hobbies to highlight, so check back often for new designs.  If you are someone who has bought some of my sterling silver jewellery or woven/knitted items in the past, I plan to add those items to my shop as well.  

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned!